For a better world, Oma Tekstil A.Ş. is determined to include social and environmental sustainability in all of its production processes.

Sustainability means being able to make the life of humankind permanent, while ensuring the continuation of production and diversity. In other words, sustainability is meeting our own requirements without compromising the requirements of future generations.

As a fundamental principle, sustainability recognizes that the resources in the environment and nature are exhaustible and therefore focuses on using these resources with reasonable approaches. Thus, the integrity and flexibility of ecosystems are protected.

Sustainability focuses on ensuring economic growth to bring welfare to societies without damaging the environment. It is aimed to increase human welfare while the consumption of goods and services increases.

Why Is Sustainability Important?

The increase in the energy needs required by the fast-growing industry along the Industrial Revolution caused the start of the use of nonrenewable natural resources such as petrol and coal. The fact that industry gradually became a dominant sector led to the faster and larger addition of new environmental degradations to those caused by the agriculture-based economy of humans. The factors such as fast industrialization and the resulting modern urbanization caused the air, water, and soil pollution and the decrease in biodiversity, and accordingly, the problems such as soil loss and desertification became further worse.

All living creatures are a part of an ecosystem where they interact with each other and with other non-living things. All parts of an ecosystem are complicatedly connected to each other. Accordingly, if any part of the ecosystem is demolished or damaged, there will be results related to this also in the other parts of it. This disruptive impact of human beings on the natural environment predominated over the self-recovery speed of the natural environment, and at this point, this resulted in the necessity to act without disturbing the balance of the ecosystem.

From a corporate point of view, sustainability can be realized through integration with a management mentality where the corporate interests do not conflict with social interests and where not only the economic growth but also the social and environmental issues are included in corporate topics.

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For a better world, Oma Tekstil A.Ş. includes social and environmental sustainability in all of its production processes.